Liverpool's esteemed manager, Jurgen Klopp, has made a unique plea to the Anfield faithful, asking them to refrain from urging defender Joe Gomez to attempt long-range shots during matches. The request comes amid Gomez's prolonged wait for his first goal, which has become a running joke among supporters, especially now as he ventures forward more frequently in his role as a full-back.

Gomez, despite his commendable performances, has yet to score in 233 professional appearances, a fact highlighted by football statistician Michael Reid. The defender's goalless streak has become a peculiar point of interest among fans, leading to the Anfield tradition where the crowd shouts "shoot" whenever Gomez finds himself in the opposition's half. However, Klopp, speaking after Liverpool's 3-0 victory over Southampton in the FA Cup, suggested it's time to retire this chant, at least until Liverpool secures a comfortable lead in their games.

The German tactician, known for his close bond with his players, expressed his concern in a light-hearted manner but didn't shy away from showing his slight irritation over the matter. "Can I ask that people not, as funny as it is, 'shooot', leave the boy alone," Klopp stated, emphasizing the need to allow Gomez to choose his moments on the pitch without the added pressure from the stands.

Gomez's situation is further accentuated by his significant role in Liverpool's current campaign, having made 36 appearances across all competitions - his most active season yet. His versatility has been a boon for Klopp, especially in the face of injuries within the squad, allowing Gomez to showcase his skills not just in defense but also in midfield.

The 26-year-old England international himself has addressed the growing talk about his goal-scoring, or lack thereof, with a sense of humor and anticipation for when he finally breaks the duck. "I want to affect the game when I'm forward as well and be positive. Hopefully, it comes, we'll see how I celebrate," Gomez remarked, hinting at the eventual celebration that awaits his first goal.

As Liverpool continues their pursuit of Premier League glory, holding a slender lead over their closest rivals, the focus remains on the collective team effort rather than individual milestones. However, Klopp's appeal to the fans underscores the delicate balance between supporting players and inadvertently adding unnecessary pressure through well-intentioned but potentially distracting chants.

With key fixtures on the horizon, including a Premier League clash against Nottingham Forest and a Europa League tie against Sparta Prague, Liverpool and Gomez will be keen to maintain their form and focus, perhaps with the Anfield crowd adopting a more supportive tone in line with Klopp's wishes.