Dr. Phil McGraw, the well-known television personality and psychologist, recently expressed his concerns regarding President Joe Biden's health evaluation, particularly the absence of a neurocognitive exam, in the president's latest physical check-up. In a candid interview with TMZ, Dr. Phil utilized his background in brain function and psychology to scrutinize the situation, suggesting that the lack of cognitive testing might indicate undisclosed issues with the president's cognitive health.

"One of my specialties, back when I was in practice, was the brain and central service system," Dr. Phil stated, emphasizing his expertise in the area. He went on to highlight the objectivity and measurability of cognitive functions such as memory, comprehension, and expression. "All of these things are very measurable and if you really had nothing to hide, I think you would hide nothing," he remarked, insinuating that a comprehensive neurocognitive examination would effectively address any public concerns about Biden's mental fitness.

This topic of Biden's cognitive health has been a recurring theme, with figures like former President Donald Trump leading the charge on calls for more rigorous health disclosures. Trump, in particular, took to social media to voice his opinion, stating, "Crooked Joe Biden must take a Cognitive Test," and boasting about his own performance on similar assessments during his presidency.

Dr. Phil's comments reflect a growing public interest in the health and capability of political leaders, given the demanding nature of their roles. Moreover, Dr. Phil revealed that he had been approached regarding a potential presidential run himself. However, he was quick to dismiss the idea, stating, "Not a chance in h--- am I getting into politics," citing his lack of political knowledge as a significant deterrent.

The issue of Biden's health and the transparency of presidential candidates' health records remain contentious topics among the electorate. Dr. Phil's professional perspective adds another layer to the ongoing debate, underscoring the importance of thorough health assessments for individuals in critical leadership positions.

As the discussion continues, especially in the lead-up to the 2024 election, the health of presidential candidates, including cognitive assessments, is likely to remain a central issue. Dr. Phil's call for more transparent health disclosures mirrors a wider public demand for clarity and accountability from those aspiring to occupy the White House.