Former President Donald Trump has thrown his weight behind North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson's gubernatorial bid, elevating the candidate with a striking endorsement that likens him to "Martin Luther King on steroids." The endorsement, which was made at a campaign rally in Greensboro, not only highlights Robinson's rising prominence within the GOP but also underscores Trump's influence over the party's electoral prospects.

Trump, known for his hyperbolic praise, escalated his commendation by suggesting Robinson surpassed the civil rights icon in significance, stating, "I think you're better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two." This bold comparison to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a revered figure in American history, has certainly drawn attention, with Robinson himself expressing humility and honor at the endorsement, according to AP News.

Robinson, who assumed the role of lieutenant governor in 2021, making history as the state's first Black American to hold the office, has been a contentious figure due to his staunch advocacy for gun rights and conservative values. His meteoric rise in North Carolina politics was catalyzed by a viral speech on gun rights before the Greensboro city council in 2018, showcasing his persuasive oratory skills and firm stance on Second Amendment rights.

The endorsement comes ahead of the North Carolina Republican primaries, with Trump using the occasion to solidify Robinson as the GOP frontrunner for the gubernatorial nomination. Trump's support, coupled with Robinson's effective fundraising and popularity among the Republican base, positions him as a formidable candidate, despite concerns from some quarters about his polarizing views on issues like LGBTQ+ rights.

Robinson's primary rivals, State Treasurer Dale Folwell and attorney Bill Graham, have voiced skepticism about his electability in the general election, pointing to his controversial statements. However, Trump's backing is likely to bolster Robinson's campaign, reinforcing his status as a leading figure in the GOP's bid to secure the governorship.

On the Democratic side, the race for the gubernatorial nomination includes Attorney General Josh Stein and former state Supreme Court Associate Justice Mike Morgan, with term-limited Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper endorsing Stein. The contest is shaping up to be a closely watched affair, reflecting the broader national tensions and the competitive nature of statewide elections in North Carolina, the nation's ninth-largest state.

The Trump endorsement not only amplifies Robinson's profile but also sets the stage for a highly charged electoral battle, with implications for both the state and national political landscapes. As the primaries approach, all eyes will be on North Carolina, as voters decide whether Robinson's vision aligns with their aspirations for the state's future.