Jimin of BTS has showcased his overwhelming popularity by clinching the monthly, weekly, and daily rankings in a global popularity vote. On February 29, Jimin topped the February monthly vote on the K-Pop idol popularity voting service app KDOL with 168,487,309 votes, continuing his winning streak from January.

Jimin has now been in the first place for 33 consecutive months, breaking his own record for the most wins in KDOL's monthly ranking.

Previously, on February 25, Jimin also secured the top spot in the weekly ranking (February 19 to February 25) with a total of 27,909,730 votes, marking an unprecedented 154th win.

Moreover, Jimin has dominated the first to fifth positions in KDOL's 'Longest Daily No.1' category, setting an unparalleled record. On the last day of February, he received 27,356,180 votes in the daily ranking, achieving first place for ten consecutive days and setting a record with 995 wins for the most number of times at No.1.

Continuously breaking records on KDOL, Jimin has amassed a total of 143,148,381,176 votes as of February 29, securing the first place in the Hall of Fame with a significant lead of over 40 billion votes from the second place, highlighting his legendary popularity among global fans.

Jimin holds the top spot in KDOL across ten categories: highest cumulative votes (143,148,381,176), most No.1 wins in daily ranking (995), weekly ranking (154), monthly ranking (33), highest daily votes (2,686,819,922), weekly votes (2,749,178,562), monthly votes (3,066,876,445), highest birthday votes (2,686,819,922), longest No.1 streak in daily ranking (61 days), and consecutive No.1 days in daily ranking (10 days), achieving a 'decathlon' sweep in the Hall of Fame.

KDOL, a global K-Pop idol popularity voting service app, allows fans from all over the world, including the US, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea, to participate. The app reflects 100% of user votes in the ranking, updating in real-time and cumulating daily, weekly, and monthly rankings along with total votes to determine Hall of Fame inductions.

As a reward for topping the February monthly ranking, advertisements for Jimin will be displayed at two subway stations in the metropolitan area for a month, following the advertising benefits from the January monthly ranking results, which can be seen at Seoul's Gangnam and Apgujeong stations until March 17.