BabyMonster has officially debuted as a 7-member group, generating excitement as YG Entertainment's first girl group to launch in 7 years following BLACKPINK. Their debut album, "BABYMONS7ER," was released on the 1st, featuring the title track "SHEESH," showcasing a strong "YG DNA" with its intense and dark hip-hop sound.

Notably, the group's full 7-member lineup is now complete with Ahhyun's dramatic return, enhancing the musical diversity of the group. BabyMonster emphasized the explosive synergy of the full group during an interview held on the day of their album release at YG's new office in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

With BLACKPINK members pursuing individual activities and group activities on pause, there's speculation whether BabyMonster can become the new 'core DNA' of YG. In the interview, BabyMonster shared their unique strengths and what sets them apart.

Distinct 7-Color Charm

BabyMonster stated that the pre-debut phase was incomplete without the full lineup. "Now that Ahhyun has joined us, our music has become even more diverse," they said.

Member Asa highlighted the individuality of each member's voice as their weapon, combining personal charm with group synergy. "We can show both a 'baby' and a 'monster' side, offering a surprise charm," Asa added.

Members shared their personal strengths, ranging from Asa's strong rap contrasting her appearance, to Rami's "dolphin technique" vocals with a broad spectrum, to Luka's hip-hop swagger and mature charm as the oldest member. Laura, Parita, Chikita, and Ahhyun each bring unique vocal qualities and versatility to the group.

The group stressed the importance of maintaining their 7-member composition, with Ahhyun expressing her deep longing for the stage during her break. "The fact that I'm debuting feels very significant. I'll stay humble and work hard," Ahhyun promised.

BabyMonster Steps Forward: YG's Newest Girl Group on Their Unique Charm and Future Goals
(Photo : YG Entertainment )
BabyMonster Steps Forward: YG's Newest Girl Group on Their Unique Charm and Future Goals

Yang Hyun Suk's Strong Support

BabyMonster shared that YG's head producer, Yang Hyun Suk, was personally involved in their music video shoots, showing the company's high expectations for the group. "His detailed feedback helped produce an impressive music video," said Asa.

Laura also shared encouraging words from Yang, "He often says, 'We've just opened the first page of BabyMonster's book, let's create a beautiful story together.' It's very motivating."

When asked about the company's advantages and disadvantages, the group unanimously praised YG's support, including excellent practice facilities and an in-house convenience store. "We don't have any complaints; the company takes very good care of us," they affirmed.

Hip+Personality "YG DNA"

Amidst competition among 5th-generation girl groups, BabyMonster identifies YG's unique color as their differentiation. "Our base is hip-hop, but expressing ourselves freely with our individual voices is our YG DNA. We'll continue to develop and showcase our talents," the group stated.

On overcoming BLACKPINK's legacy, Ahhyun believes that every artist has their own capacity and color. "BLACKPINK played a significant role in inspiring us. We aim to become great artists like them, showing versatility across various genres and emotions," she said.

BabyMonster aims to be recognized as "monster rookies" and "all-around entertainers," showcasing their diverse musical talents and emotional range in their music and upcoming promotions, including music show performances and a fan meeting tour next month.