Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, appears to be unperturbed by her declining popularity in the United Kingdom, as she shifts her focus to building her brand in the United States, according to public relations experts. The former actress and her husband, Prince Harry, recently ranked as the fourth most-disliked celebrities in a poll conducted by Ranker, a website known for its extensive database of opinions on entertainment, brands, sports, food, and culture.

The poll, which garnered 394.5k votes from 31.4k voters, saw the Sussexes join the ranks of James Corden and Amber Heard as some of the least favored public figures. Lynn Carratt, a representative from Press Box PR, spoke to The Mirror about Meghan's likely reaction to the news, stating, "I believe Meghan will take the survey data with a pinch of salt. I'm not sure how interested she is anymore in getting the British public back on her side."

Carratt pointed out that Meghan, being American, is now more concerned with raising her popularity in her home country and focusing on the success of her brand, American Rivera Orchard. "She is American and that is were her family life is now, so she will be more concerned in raising her popularity in her own country and focusing on building her brand American Rivera Orchard and making it a huge success," Carratt explained.

The Sussexes' recent visit to Nigeria, where they are celebrated, is seen as a confidence booster for the couple, who have more international visits lined up. However, their foreign trips, which bear similarities to official Royal tours, have drawn criticism from Royal supporters and may cause friction with King Charles, as Harry and Meghan are no longer working Royals.

Meghan's absence from the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games in the U.K. has also been attributed to her low approval ratings. Royal expert Kinsey Schofield told an outlet, "Meghan tells friends that she does not feel welcome or comfortable in the U.K." Schofield expressed surprise at Meghan's decision not to attend the event alongside her husband, despite the likelihood of being treated with kindness.

The Sussexes' departure from the royal fold in 2020 and subsequent tell-all projects have strained their relationship with the Windsors. "Prince Harry is suffering the consequences of his actions," Schofield explained. "Harry does not take responsibility for the tsunami of hurt he has caused his family. The king sees this very clearly. Harry is still under the impression that he has not done anything wrong by purging family secrets for paychecks. That delusion concerns everyone that used to be close to Harry."

While Meghan won't be present in London, the couple is set to reunite in Nigeria to promote the Invictus Games. The Nigerian Defence Headquarters has expressed its honor and delight in hosting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with plans for cultural activities and meetings with service members during their stay. Nigeria is also hopeful about the possibility of hosting the Invictus Games in the future, as Prince Harry, the founder of the international multi-sporting event, has a strong connection to the region.