Montecito has been the location of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's efforts to establish a residence for their family over the course of the previous four years. However, the impending election in the United States in November poses a threat to the perfect life that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have achieved in California, a new report claimed.

“The Sussexes are worried sick over the prospect of Donald Trump becoming the president again – and making good on his vow to kick Prince Harry out of America. They’re putting together a contingency plan that would see them flee the country with their children [Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet] if Trump does return to office,” an unnamed source told New Idea Magazine.

The possibility that Donald could cancel the visa that was granted to Prince Harry, which allows him to reside in the United States, has been a persistent rumor. Following the admission made by the British prince in his biography, “Spare,” published in 2023, that he had previously used drugs, doubts have been raised regarding whether or not Prince Harry disclosed his previous drug usage in his application for a visa to enter the United States.

Donald, who is running for president, stated in an interview with GB News earlier this year that Harry, who is 39 years old, would not be granted any special privileges if he were to return to the White House after the election in November. He continued by saying, "If [Harry] lied [in his application], we will have to take appropriate action." This statement was in a menacing tone. Donald did not rule out the possibility of deportation.

It is the last thing that Prince Harry and Meghan, who are both 42 years old, want to be concerned about at this moment. As a result of the "mutual decision" to terminate their $29 million Spotify contract the previous year and the impending termination of their $150 million Netflix contract, their efforts to establish themselves as A-list power players in the United States have not been entirely effective up to this point because of the circumstances.

Up until this point, other ventures, such as the introduction of Meghan's lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, have not been successful in creating a lasting impression, as per BBC. However, according to our source, Prince Harry and Meghan are "unthinkable" about leaving up their life in the United States. They also consider any return to the United Kingdom to be "not an option, especially for Meghan."

“They’re going to talk to their advisors well ahead of the election to see what the technicalities would be in the event that they do have to leave the country. It astounds them that Trump, after recently being found guilty on criminal charges, is still in a position to run for president again. But Harry and Meghan accept that they have to come up with a Plan B,” the insider shared.

It is said that Prince Harry and Meghan are contemplating their alternatives now that a return to the United Kingdom is no longer an option. “But they really don’t want to leave the US. They’ve sacrificed too much and worked too hard to give up on their American dream without a fight,” the informant said.

Business Times has reached out to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for comments.