The absolute joy that everyone across the world felt when they saw Princess Kate, the Princess of Wales, with her loved ones the previous week was shared by everyone, with the exception of one person—Meghan Markle, a new report claimed.

The timing could not have been worse for Meghan, Princess Kate's sister-in-law, who had just debuted two brand-new goods for her American Riviera Orchard business, a jam and dog biscuits, only hours before Princess Kate made her statement that she would be returning to the public eye.

Friends claimed that the mother of two, who is 42 years old, was "furious" when she saw Princess Kate's return make her new product launch disappear from the news cycle and "steal the spotlight from her." However, the situation was even more dire than she had anticipated.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was criticized for trying to "cash in" on another major royal occasion, and she was dubbed "opportunistic" for her decision to arrange the publication at the same time as Princess Kate's major return to royal duties. This is not the first time that she has been subjected to criticism.

Nacho Figueras, a close friend and polo player, was also caught in the crosshairs as a result of her public relations ploy. Fans referred to the timing of his posts to promote Meghan's wares as "tasteless."

“It’s awkward enough that Meghan is being criticised but the fact that Nacho has been dragged into the sorry mess will no doubt be causing a few dramas between Meghan and Harry,” an unnamed source told Woman’s Day.

An insider suggested that Meghan is already having a difficult time maintaining her social position in Montecito. Oprah Winfrey has been avoiding her calls, and Gwyneth Paltrow has made it abundantly apparent that she is on team Princess Kate by publicly penning a statement of support to her.

Meanwhile, a royal analyst by the name of Kinsey Schofield has asserted that music diva Taylor Swift "rejected" Meghan because she is a member of "team Wales."

Prince William, the Prince of Wales, brought his children to the concert of the pop icons earlier this week, and the family was invited backstage to take a selfie with the celebrity.

“Shake it Off,” one of Taylor Swift's most popular songs, was playing in the background while Prince William was seen dancing at the event. The husband of Princess Kate appeared to be having a good time.

Taylor has previously denied an invitation to appear on Meghan’s Spotify podcast, which has now been canceled, despite the fact that the duchess of Sussex had personally reached out to her invitation.

"I think that he's probably spent a few minutes with her. We know that they took a selfie. She has spent time with him previously. There is great video of them singing with Jon Bon Jovi at a charity event. Now, remember, Meghan Markle had requested for Taylor to be her podcast,” Kinsey told GB News.

"She wrote her a handwritten letter and Taylor's team rejected it. Megan also later released through People magazine that she had spent some time at a Taylor Swift concert. So I think we are seeing our Taylor side with Team Wales here over the last few hours. Also, you know, a lot of people pointing out the pictures of Meghan and Harry at the Beyoncé concert, where Harry looks pretty miserable versus Prince William shaking his tail feather at the Taylor Swift concert,” the royal expert added.

Business Times has reached out to Meghan Markle for comments.