In a rally marked by fervent support and political urgency, former President Donald Trump took the stage in Miami on July 9, but one notable absence did not go unnoticed: his wife, Melania Trump. Her absence has reignited rumors and jokes among critics about the state of their marriage, particularly in light of recent events that have put the couple under intense public scrutiny.

Political pundit Ron Filipkowski highlighted the absence, sharing a photo on social media showing the assigned seats for Trump's special guests, including his sons Barron, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr. Conspicuously missing was a seat for Melania, sparking a flurry of speculation and jokes among Trump's critics. One user on X quipped that she was "probably consulting her divorce lawyer," while another suggested she was "confering with her attorneys regarding her pre-nup."

This speculation comes on the heels of a particularly challenging period for the former First Lady. Earlier in the week, she hosted a Republican fundraiser at her New York City penthouse, raising $1.4 million. It remains unclear whether she has returned to Florida since then. The timing of these events has led to renewed questions about Melania's role and her willingness to support her husband's potential 2024 presidential run.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that Melania might not fully resume her duties as First Lady if Trump's campaign is successful. A source revealed to various outlets that Melania has negotiated with Trump to minimize her public responsibilities, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. The source also suggested that her concern for their son Barron, who may attend New York University, is a significant factor in her decisions. "Barron has never been completely on his own before... Melania wants to be close," the insider explained.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the ongoing speculation about the state of the Trump marriage. Melania's reluctance to appear with Trump at public events has forced the former president to be more understanding, at least publicly. In an interview with Kristen Welker of Meet the Press, Trump described Melania as a "private" and "great person," asserting that she would participate in the campaign "at the appropriate time."

Despite these assurances, Melania's absence from significant events continues to fuel rumors. During a high-stakes debate in Atlanta and following a guilty verdict in a Manhattan fraud trial, Melania was nowhere to be seen, leading to further speculation about the strength of their marriage. Some political analysts suggest that if Trump wins a second term, Melania's leverage in their relationship could diminish, potentially leading to an unprecedented scenario of a sitting president divorcing his wife.

Manhattan divorce attorney Raoul Felder, who represented Rudy Giuliani in his second divorce, told The Daily Beast that a divorce between the Trumps is "inconceivable," citing their history of enduring difficult times together. However, Felder also noted the significant increase in Trump's power and influence, which could impact the dynamics of their marriage.

The political stakes for Trump are high, and Melania's support is considered crucial for his campaign. Her absence and the swirling rumors about their marriage add another layer of complexity to an already tumultuous political landscape. As Trump continues to campaign across the country, the question of Melania's role and their marital status remains a point of intrigue and speculation.