Globe Telecom, the Philippines, leading wireless provider will launch its 5G service in partnership with Huawei Technologies in the next quarter. The launch is on track despite global concerns towards tech security related to the Chinese firm.

The United States claims that the telecom equipment supplier stole trade secrets and committed espionage. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech on Monday in Hungary where he warned its allies that the use of Huawei technology could complicate relationships with the United States.

The Philippines disregarded the warning, despite that they were treaty allies, and joined other Southeast Asian nations in tapping the world's largest telecom equipment seller for the 5G service. Reports also said that Thailand and Singapore are now prepared to test the 5G service with Huawei.

Huawei's 5G technology will give Globe an advantage against its competitors in the Philippines market. The network currently has over 60 million subscribers and it needs a new strategy to counter the setbacks of the upcoming China Telecom which is about to enter the market.

Ernest Cu, Globe Chief Executive, told reporters on Tuesday that they see Huawei's technology as a year ahead of their competitors. He added that it will enable them to have an advantage in the market. He assured that Huawei's equipment will be used with their upcoming launch late in the second quarter.

China Telecom and its local partners were given a go signal last week by the Philippine Senate as the third major telecom player in the country. The telecom is expected to break the duopoly of Globe and PLDT as promised by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Despite the pressure from opposing nations, the Philippines pushed the launch with the assurance from Huawei that it will be business as usual. Huawei assured its clients that the accusations against them are baseless and, regardless of whatever happens, business will be continued.

Globe said that its 5G network will not rely entirely on Huawei since it is currently in negotiations with Nokia. Globe, an Ayala conglomerate and Singapore Telecommunications joint venture, currently runs parts of its 4G network on Alacant-Lucent infrastructures which are owned by Nokia since 2016. According to reports, PLDT is also teaming up with Huawei and the Swedish firm Ericson to support its 5G service. According to Cu, American companies that utilize their services have no complaints in their move to partner with Huawei. Globe's chief technology officer, Gil Genio, said that it is the duty of the service provider like Globe to protect the security of the network.