BItcoin followers will love this bit of news; a three-acre property in Montreal is going up for sale. The property will be sold for $700,000; Daily HODL also reported that the property will be accepting cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and XRP as payment. The property is located in Bromont, Canada, in the outskirts of Montreal.

The property is adjacent to the Olympic Equestrian Park and is a 50-minute drive from downtown Montreal. It's said to be a great match for animal lovers and hobby farmers, as well. But aside from that, the property is a big listing for cryptocurrency. Most people would shy away from using cryptocurrency, but this property isn't moving away from that.

Bitcoin has gotten big as a digital currency. It has been used to buy anything from retail to real estate. It has even been in the news because digital thieves have been out to take what they can. News from Crypto Globe had been bleakly pertaining to the Baltimore City government and what it had been doing to recover lost bitcoin from criminals who are now holding them hostage through ransomware.

The city servers have since been disrupted, and even Gmail addresses that government officials created as a stop-gap had been compromised. It brings up a case of security for transactions using bitcoin; however, that's not going to stop the believers, who think that researching and using bitcoin is the next logical step in the 'technological revolution.'

Those who are interested in the real estate transaction may perhaps run to bitcoin ATMs, Coin Telegraph reported. Currently, bitcoin firm Coinme has been busy reaching out to residents in 21 states in the US. The company has released a statement to the press containing the announcement, as well as telling everyone that it had expanded its BTC purchasing operations.

Coinstar is a relatively young company dealing in bitcoin; it had first started dealing in the cryptocurrency only in January this year and has only been working in the US territory so far. However, its founder, Neil Bergquist, had been vocal about his support for bitcoin and all the obvious benefits that it offered, including efficient peer-to-peer transactions.

At the moment, bitcoin is big in the US and Canada, where the real estate transaction happened. Perhaps it may be time for other industries to review introducing bitcoin purchases to their patrons. It might help them in the long run, securing quicker deals as well as a better way to expand to new markets.