The central bankers of the world have once again come together to try and come up with a solution to solving the problem of the world economy-a visible stall in the global scheme of things. More people are demanding that respective local governments join them with this effort, Bloomberg reported.

With the slow global growth, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and the Federal Reserve-all respective representatives from each part of the globe are going to meet to ease monetary policy within the coming months.

The fact is there is lesser legroom today to maneuver than they're usually used to, and the leaders are telling their politicians to help because everyone's aid will be needed.

This pressure could be applied Wednesday when the central bankers and finance ministers of the G7 hold a meeting north of Paris.

The meet couldn't have come at a more opportune time when the global economy is figuratively on its knees.

A trade war between China and US is cited as one of the reasons for the slowdown-and, in a worst-case scenario, there are whispers of another recession on the rise.

In the US, depending on who says so, the stock market is on the fringe of an all-time high, according to Money and Markets. If the global economy is slowing down, the US economy is doing better than ever, if US President Donald Trump is to be believed.  But the global economy is allegedly in need of rescuing despite 10 years of monetary stimulus.

The arrows point toward more stimulus as the solution to creating a market without problems. That there is a question that needed answering--the question of why companies like Microsoft have stocks that are still trending in the up. I

t suggested that companies like Microsoft don't need rescuing, according to analysts. It then moves into the point about the stimulus--that it might be a fabricated solution that no one's done anything about.

The stimulus is adding the opposite of helping markets, according to reports, and central banks-as the analysts say-are doing the opposite of rescuing; they're burying the market in more debt, they're stopping real progress from happening. It only adds to the license of politicians to add more heaviness to an already addled market.

Perhaps, there will come a time when the global market recovers and the economy moves along just fine. For now, policies need to be enacted for markets to right themselves.