Avid followers of the popular BBC crime drama television series are still wondering if it would return for another run. The British network has remained silent about the show's future up to now even with the fans' persistent demand for details. Due to the lack of information about the yet-to-be-confirmed Sherlock Season 5, devoted viewers have come up with theories and predictions about the television series.

Recent reports suggested that BBC could release Sherlock Season 5 in 2022 should the series main cast and co-creators finish their projects on time. Business Times, previously, shared that the current schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffat are among the primary reasons why the British network could not confirm the supposed fifth installment of the show.

As a matter of fact, in July, Benedict was confirmed to join the voice cast of Channel 4's The Tiger Who Came To Tea, which is an animated adaptation of Judith Kerr's classic book. The 43-year-old English actor would join Paul Whitehouse, David Walliams, Tamsin Greig, and David Oyelowo. Aside from that, the husband of Sophie Hunter is set to make a comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the imminent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film that would be released in 2021. In other words, he does not have time to work on Sherlock Season 5 at the moment.

In a previous interview, Benedict expressed his interest in reprising his role as Detective Sherlock in Sherlock Season 5. Though the Avengers: Endgame actor emphasized that the show is not returning anytime soon, it does not necessarily mean that it already reached the end. "No time soon," he stated. "Don't hold your breath, but you never say never. But no time soon. Never say never - that's what we always say on that show - but we're all busy getting a kick out of doing other things, and that's not to say it's reached its end. It just means not right now," the series lead star went on.

Martin Freeman, for his part, did work on the Ode to Joy and The Operative movies. In a previous report, BT revealed that co-creators Mark and Steven do Sherlock Season 5 as of yet since they are still working on the mini-series called Dracula. With their schedules, the series is very unlikely to make a return in the next two years.

As for its storyline, reports have it that Sherlock Season 5 could bring the characters of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back to solving cases. It can be recalled that the finale episode of the fourth season "did not make sense" to the viewers.

While these claims and predictions are not impossible, it should be noted that BBC has yet to release the official details of the series' fifth installment. Hence, fans should take things lightly until everything is proven true and correct. Stay tuned to Business Times for more Sherlock Season 5 spoilers, predictions, theories, news, and updates!