Sunday was a good day for the top 20 cryptocurrencies trading on the bitcoin board. Each of them has displayed "moderate" gains. Bitcoin (BTC) remained a strong contender as it hovered around the $10,100 mark. Its price is up 1.67% on the day, where it traded $10,135 by press time.

Charts don't lie, according to Coin Telegraph. In a weekly chart, bitcoin trading was down by about 0.78% while the other cryptocoins rallied. Ether (ETH) held on to be the "largest altcoin by market capitalization" with a value of $20.5 billion. Ripple's XRP, which comes in as second-largest, posted a market cap of around $11.8 billion at press time.

The last 24 hours have been observed by Coin360 and data showed that ethereum's value slowly increased by a certain percentage over the last 24 hours that were measured. Ethereum also traded around $191 at press time, where the coin also gained by about 3.24%.

XRP is up 3.3% at the same time measured and is trading around $0.275 currently. The coin is up by 3.77% according to weekly measurements.

Everyone has been weighing in on the current run of bitcoin, saying that it was more a "bearish" run than anything else. It slid down below $10,000 on Thursday, according to Bein Crypto. Trader Brian Kelly, who appears on CNBC to share "expert" analysis on digital assets, says that this should be taken as a sign.

Kelly, who is also founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, a digital currency investment firm, said that there is a "bearish" trend in the works for bitcoin. Given his reputation, it's surprising to note that not everyone agreed with his take on bitcoin. Some users have even mocked his analysis and CNBC as well over what had been seen as "questionable" forecasts in the past.

Even if he predicted a bearish outlook, he also retracted some of his comments partially and acknowledged that he was on the side of caution, which resulted in his analysis. He said that he had a more positive outlook and also explained that bitcoin is due for a "generational buying opportunity."

Kelly's opinions are just one among a selection of bitcoin insiders who take their long-term outlook based on the number of people currently considering bitcoin.

This was also further compounded by a tweet from Grayscale cryptocurrency investment firm, who said that there are "more than 100,000 merchants and organizations worldwide" who are prepared to deal with payments in bitcoin.