After becoming the official First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has been plagued with several allegations and accusations, especially on matters relating to her marriage with the President, Donald Trump. Unfortunately, most of these reports have been "insulting" and "cruel" to the couple.

According to recent reports from magazines and tabloids, Melania is no longer expressing "intimacy" towards her husband. While there was "genuine love" in the past between the first couple, things have changed ever since they came into the White House, the sources added.

It was also noted that Melania and Donald Trump may still appear close in photos and clips, but, the two personalities have become very "distant."

No direct evidence or proof was showing that Melania Trump now wants to have a divorce. However, the marriage may end in the future if this type of dynamic continues, the sources explained. Also, several publications released various signs that the first couple is no longer what they used to be in their relationship.

As per Cheat Sheet, President Donald Trump's misspelling of his wife's name on social media became one of the apparent signs that they have grown in "cold distance." Instead of publishing "Melania," the president typed in "Melanie."

There was also a moment in previous months when the public was concerned with Melania Trump's health condition. Although many were expecting the President of the United States to address the issue in one of his interviews, nothing was heard from Donald Trump.

It was said that rather her husband, the First Lady was the one who assured the public that she is okay and well. As it happened, Melania posted a "tweet" on Twitter telling the whole world that she is in good condition.

These are only some of the apparent "signs" that many individuals take into consideration. Based on assertions, there is a lot more to point out proving that Melania Trump is "trapped" in a "loveless marriage."

But, New York Post deems otherwise.

As revealed by the publication, many officials who have been with the first couple, attested that Melania and Donald have a "genuine love" for each other. Although, it may not be very evident during public engagements.

Some sources also explained that Donald Trump's position may have been a factor as to why he is not showing too much "affection" for his wife, which is very "understandable." Even so, several individuals are claiming that the couple is very happy and sweet to each other.

The publication further shared that there have been several moments that the president mentioned his wife, Melania Trump in his speeches on gatherings, expressing his gratefulness and even commending the First Lady for doing a "great job."