The NATO Summit hosted by Queen Elizabeth II seemingly appears to be a successful event in general. However, reports were claiming that Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla felt "humiliated" and disrespected by the United States President and his First Lady, Melania Trump.

According to Express UK, Donald and Melania were welcomed by the Heir Apparent, along with the Duchess of Cornwall on the night of the event at Buckingham Palace. As the U.S. President was said to respect the "unwritten" rules when it comes to greeting the royals as he shook hands with the royals, the case was different for the First Lady.

As caught on videos and clips, Melania Trump kissed Duchess Camilla on both cheeks. While the duchess seemed to take the gesture happily, many royal fans and experts deemed the gesture as "humiliating" and disrespectful.

The publication noted that the Royal Family's official website has a "dedicated page" stating all the best behaviors one must observe when meeting a royal. Although the guide states that there are no "obligatory codes" of behaviors, giving a kiss to a royal is not included in the list.

For men, a neck bow is very much appreciated. As for women, a small curtsy will do. Even so, shaking hands is the most general way to properly greet a royal.

New Idea also released a similar angle to the narrative. Based on assertions, the magazine largely deemed Melania Trump's gesture as a humiliating one for Duchess Camila. Moreover, Prince Charles reportedly felt the same way earlier on that day when they invited Donald Trump, along with his wife for an afternoon tea at Clarence House.

As revealed by reports, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall felt disrespected after waiting for an hour. It was shared that they were supposed to meet at 5:10 pm. However, Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrived at 6:05 pm.

Sources also stated that the U.S. President and the First Lady's visit at Clarence House was quick as it did not last for more than 15 minutes. Nevertheless, it was said that they were all able to talk about certain issues like climate change and the importance of a "clean climate" to the next generations.

While these things are all caught on clips and videos, no comments were made on the royals' camp, especially on Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's end if they truly felt humiliated and disrespected.