Kanye West is, allegedly, is bringing his religious journey up to a notch. Rumors have it that the rapper is planning to build a Noah's Ark-like bunker so his family can survive any apocalyptic disaster. 

According to NW, West has turned into an obsessive doomsday prepper and he is urging his wife, Kim Kardashian, to be on board. The "Famous" singer is, reportedly, setting up a doomsday bunker on the multi-million dollar estate that he purchased in Wyoming. 

"Kanye's got this crazy plan to survive whatever destruction God delivers and repopulate the world with Kim," said the close family friend of the West that the tabloid cited. 

However, Kim is allegedly less than willing to be part of her husband's plans. The source said the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star is adamant that Kanye has to take her hostage before she will live in a dark concrete cellar like a brainwashed doomsday cult member. 

But, apparently, West is dead serious about his plans to build a bunker and repopulate the Earth with Kim and he doesn't care about his wife's views about it. The source added that the Yeezy designer is also looking into blueprints for an underground zoo as part of his masterplan is to bring animals into the bunker, just like Noah in the Book of Genesis

Gossip Cop insisted that these are all ridiculous claims. The site noted that it is true that Kanye and Kim bought a $14 million estate in Wyoming last year. 

It is also true that Kanye has been very focused on his religion as of late. It was evident on the latest album that he released, Jesus is King, which has a religious theme. He is also leading his Sunday Service Choir.

However, Gossip Cop noted that the claims about the doomsday bunker as well as the plan to repopulate the world is just too absurd. The publication stressed that there could be other possible reasons why Kanye bought the 6,000-acre ranch in Wyoming other than a doomsday bunker. 

People Magazine earlier reported that the 42-year-old rapper planned to use the land for his Sunday Services. The location of Kanye's Sunday Service currently changes week to week. 

There were also reports that Kanye had begun building a massive amphitheater in the property. However, the construction was forced to shut it down due to permit issues.