Tesla has been known to sweeten the features that their Tesla vehicles will be carrying. CEO Elon Musk knows that most are looking for a better and smoother ride, meaning the rumored air suspensions should do the trick. The only problem is that the alleged Smart Air Suspension option will still not be around when the Tesla Model 3 rolls out.

It was back in 2017 when Musk said that the new suspension would launch with a dual-motor version of the vehicle. But production issues came into the picture, thus delays. Due to these constraints, there was no dual-motor version that came out, same with a much-anticipated air suspension. The closest thing to it is Tesla working on the said features with no word when they would be ready.

Fast-forward to today, the Smart Air Suspension feature has been leaked once more. It was in the parts catalog and something that was linked to the Tesla Model S and Model X. With this spreading right now, Musk has once again reiterated that there is no air suspension coming to the Model 3 despite it appearing in the parts catalog, Electrek.com reported.

Regardless, the possibility of seeing the Tesla Model 3 with a new air suspension remains up in the air. In fact, a hacker with the handle Green revealed several new hardware updates hidden in Tesla's code. That included an integrated inductive phone charger (Qi) for S/X cars, two new S/X battery types in several configurations, new lumbar, new charge port type, and a new suspension version.

Seeing how the Tesla Model S and Model X got an updated air suspension system, most are expecting something special out of the Tesla Model 3. So far, nothing has been discussed in detail. But seeing how the American company is emphasizing making their vehicles give owners and passengers a smoother and better ride, the improvements should be something to watch out for.

Assuming that the Tesla Model 3 does come out with some sort of suspension improvement for better rides, there are some things to consider. One is that there could be more failure points, and second is that they would be harder to repair (if they encounter problems).

With nothing credible backing new suspensions for the Tesla Model 3, it would be best to take Musk's word for it. But then again, it could be a surprise that the Tesla CEO would prefer to reveal once the timing is right.