Three Tesla vehicles are set to be unveiled next month, and company CEO Elon Musk reveals something new to expect. According to him, the Tesla Model Y, Model S, and Model X will now have longer ranges thanks to some engineering improvements.

Musk made the revelation during Tesla's fourth-quarter earnings letter. Set to come out by the end of March, the Tesla Model Y can now drive 315 miles between charges, Business Insider reported. This is an improvement from the previous 280 miles.

Though a proper certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency could further support this belief, nothing has been posted as of this writing. Tesla alleges that the EPA has confirmed the Model Y's range already.

With this out, the two other models will also get some bump in mileage. The Tesla Model S will have a better range, something between 380 to 390 miles. This would be a significant jump from its previous 373 miles. Yet to be known is the improvements made on the Tesla Model X. Its current mileage is 383 miles.

The longer rides are likely to help Tesla in marketing its electric vehicles. The range has been a derivative factor in convincing consumers to get an EV. It is a big concern for potential buyers with city cars normally having ranges between 100s and 200s.

Also, the improved range somehow makes Tesla's offering to appeal to consumers who are still on gas-powered vehicles. The average gas-powered vehicle can drive about 300 miles.

The revelation should further boost the stock of Tesla, which continues to break ground. And it appears that there are more accomplishments on their end as their rise continues.

According to, Musk dropped hints of possibly setting up a new gigafactory over in Texas. In fact, he put up a poll over at Twitter.

At the moment, there are current gigafactory projects in China and Germany. Tesla's Shanghai factory is already up and operational, something that can hold up to 150,000 vehicles annually. There are plans to expand in 2020 with plans to include the Tesla Model Y production for the Chinese market.

Aside from China and Germany, Tesla also has another factory over in Buffalo, New York. However, this factory is primarily focused on Tesla Energy products, part of their SolarCity merger. They also have that gigafactory over in Nevada, one of the largest buildings in the world by floor area and footprint.