Folks who happen to own a 2016 Tesla Model X SUV may want to have their vehicles checked as soon as possible. It appears that the company has discovered a power-steering issue that stems from excessive corrosion on bolts that connect the steering component to the steering gear.

There are about 15,000 models reportedly affected according to a report from Reuters. Drivers of the affected models may experience loss of power steering assist that will make steering harder. It could also increase the risk of crashes if the proper fix is not done by Tesla engineers.

It should be noted that the affected Tesla X models are the ones that were built before October 2016. Other models built after that are not affected. This recall is not the first time that Tesla has done. In 2018, they issued a recall of about 128,000 Tesla Model S vehicles that were built in April 2016 so that they could address and replace steering assist motor bolts. As of this writing, there are no reports of accidents or crashes tied up to the Tesla Model X.

Folks who reside in colder climates are encouraged to have their Tesla Model X vehicles checked. Apparently, the excessive corrosion on the bolts seems to crop up in places with very cold climates that use road salts. However, it would still be best for Tesla owners residing in other regions to have their vehicles checked for good measure.

Tesla plans to apply a corrosion-preventive sealer to all affected Tesla Model X vehicles. They will fix the issue for free though Tesla says that Model X owners do not need to immediately bring in their vehicles for service.

The Tesla Model X has been in the headlines for all the reasons as of late. In a previous report, there was that autopilot issue which the company had to properly detail. Despite the advanced feature, it appears that the autopilot is not what some owners perceive it to be. It does not make the vehicle an autonomous car. Hence, the need for drivers to remain attentive while on the road remains. Tesla does have plans for a self-driving car but the autopilot feature is obviously far from that concept.

Considering the Tesla Model X is one of the company's most expensive vehicles at $84,900, it would be best to have it checked and avoid potential accidents. Though Tesla is not rushing owners, it still remains that safety comes first.