The PlayStation 5 is widely speculated to be coming out either this month or March, and most are eager to see how it will look. Some have given their guesses, although most feel that it would not be far off from the PlayStation 4. This means that potential buyers should expect an all-black, sleek with a sharp-angled game console. There are also suggestions that it may be similar to the shape of the PS5 devkit.

Though some may have only weeks of waiting ahead, a new leak has made its rounds over in PlayStation Japan. It all stemmed from a website icon that seemingly shows a V-shaped PlayStation 5. A simple explanation for it is that the shape could align with the fact that this would be the 5th generation PS console, although it was immediately taken down. According to Game Rant, the icon was immediately taken down because it was accidentally implemented on the site.

Of course, these leaks could in no way be reliable. It remains that Sony has yet to make an official statement on what the PlayStation 5 will have to offer, the same with its features. As far as aesthetics, it appears that the next game console will not have much of an iteration considering the lack of a hard generation leap.

Also, it would be best to consider that PS5 devkit leaks are not entirely reliable. Hence, all PlayStation enthusiasts can do for now is wait and rely on rumors, even if they are up for debate. A PlayStation Meeting has scheduled later this month or March, but a PS5 update has yet to be confirmed.

Speaking of releases, Game Spot reveals that a PlayStation 5 launch is imminent this 2020. The expected release date is speculated to be in the fall with Sony opening a next-generation console's official website. There are no specifics found on the page, so heading on over there may render nothing informative or useful for now. Regardless, folks who are eager to get first-hand official information about the upcoming PlayStation 5 may want to sign up for their newsletter.

As far as features, there is one mysterious feature to consider for the PlayStation 5. BGR points out how Sony was working on a digital assistant. It is far different from Siri or the Google Assistant. It is a new kind of artificial intelligence able to assess your gameplay session and help with real-time information when invoked. There are, of course, more to expect, something Sony will hopefully share in due time.