China's courier industry was labeled as the saviors of the economy for bringing food and necessities to households. One courier company claimed that although the industry has helped the Chinese economy, it has experienced major adjustments at their expense.

Chinese courier delivery man Gao Yuchao claimed that their Shanghai drivers have endured routine temperature checks at every delivery point. He revealed that he even wears two masks to protect himself against the public health crisis and is always compelled to frequently disinfect his delivery box.

According to an official statement, Gao has been complying with the routine hand-off to its customers after they set their orders on platforms such as The said 'contactless' deliveries have been labeled to be a guard against infections and dropping the shipment outside of gated communities has been the companies current culture.

Gao claimed that he acknowledges that people in China think that couriers are not safe for them. He said that the protocols were hygienic for everyone.

The report further claims that the courier industry has been widely popular in China recently. Despite the reduced volumes, courier drivers were said to be the most frequent people roaming the streets in China today.

The state's media have also raised the idea that couriers are the present-day heroes in the country for providing life support to households.

In the city of Wuhan alone, it was revealed that couriers have pitched in as transporters of hospital staff and deliver medical supplies and groceries to the establishments.'s competitor Meituan also launched a no-contact delivery policy last January 26, 2020. The same method was observed by the US companies operating within the country such as KFC, McDonald's, and Starbucks.

Couriers were also made to deliver goods at a pre-determined location where their customers could pick up their meals without contact.

The riders were said to provide a card that would indicate their temperatures including workers who cooked, packed, and delivered the goods. Couriers were also made to disinfect their equipment on a daily basis.

In other news, reported that China is set on speeding up the resumption of delivery services in the country. According to the director of the Ministry of Transport's policy research office Wu Chungeng last Saturday, the country would focus on postal and express delivery services.

It was revealed that the Chinese economy relies heavily on these services for their daily necessities. China Post, JD, and SF Express were said to be among the companies that have resumed full operations. It was also revealed that about 66.7 percent of the industry had resumed work capacity as well.