Speaking at a Sunday meeting in Beijing, China's President Xi Jinping called upon the Chinese people to resume work in an orderly fashion. He emphasized the observance of a precise approach that would prevent the further damage of a public health issue to the country.

In his speech, China president Xi Jinping said that the current public health crisis in the country is a big test for its economy, reported Xinhua. He then urged the employment force to resume their work and reduce public health hazards by observing a precise routinary approach in their workplace.

President Xi also emphasized that the country has been exerting much effort to reduce fatality rates, maintain social stability, and strengthen the country's capacity to provide medical supplies and daily necessities to the people.

According to CNBC, the prolonged Lunar New Year holiday has caused substantial damage to China's economy. The country has been struggling to maintain the administration of economic and social development. However, the Chinese president did assure the citizens that the adverse effects of the public health crisis on the economy would be short-lived.

At present, the global supply chain and overall market sentiments have also been adversely affected by the public health crisis in China. It has resulted in the closure of factories established by foreign entities urging them to relocate their production sites outside of the country.

President Xi then called for businesses to resume their operations after the results of China's first-quarter economic growth were worrisome. One of the major issues discussed by the Chinese leader was prevailing poverty in 2020.

The report also claimed that the employment of fresh college graduates have declined thereby slowing business activities in the agricultural sector this spring.

Last Monday, officials at China's National Development and Reform commission claimed that the public health crisis in the country has only caused a minimal decline in the employment sector.

The assistant minister for human resources and social security in China You Jun further allegedly that fresh college graduates who want to be agricultural workers this year might find it more difficult to find a job.

However, the country did note that large enterprises have started to improve their performance after the Lunar New Year holiday. It was announced that the rate of resumption of work in the iron and steel industry has been at 67.4 percent since Monday. Furthermore, the nonferrous metals industry has resumed 86.3 percent of its work, food processing at 70 percent, while coal mine production was at 76 percent.