The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is one of the most impressive flagship smartphones released this year. Its rival, the iPhone 12 series, is anticipated to arrive sometime in Sept of this year too. There is a chance that Apple might steal one of the outstanding features of the Galaxy S20 and introduce it on the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup.

RAM Quality

A new report from BGR recently claims that there is a chance that the Cupertino company might imitate Samsung Galaxy S20 in terms of RAM quality. The Galaxy S20 series feature LPDDR5 RAM, which according to the South Korean tech giant, is 1.3 times faster compared to the LPDDR4x Ram found in the iPhone 11. This particular RAM is also 30 percent more efficient compared to that in the current generation iPhone series.

The report also claims that since Apple is always concerned about efficiency and performance when it comes to its iPhone. A RAM that could offer faster speed and does not cause too much trouble to the battery is ideal for the upcoming iPhone and iPad models, the site adds. Earlier, we heard rumors online that Apple is planning to equip the iPhone 12 series with artificial intelligence and augmented reality features.

There are also previous claims that the iPhone 12 would feature machine learning and computational photography. It would really help the iPhone 12 series if Apple equipped it with the kind of RAM found in the Galaxy S20 series. Additionally, the RAM quality would also play a crucial role in the arrival of WiFi 6 and 5G.

iPhone 12 Display

It is common knowledge in the tech, especially in the smartphone industry, that Samsung is one of the major suppliers of Apple for its OLED needs. Since the Samsung Galaxy S20 series has the best OLED so far, there is a chance that the quality of the OLED in the upcoming iPhone 12 series could be at par with that of the S20 models. A new announcement from Samsung Display may have revealed what we could expect from the upcoming OLED panel.

According to the company, the OLED panels are optimized for the 5G era. While the claim is more of a marketing style to ride with the 5G hype, it has one outstanding feature that could benefit the smartphone. The announcement claims that the OLED screen would only require 15 percent less power to function as supported by the Underwriters Laboratories.

In other words, if the iPhone 12 would sport this kind of OLED screen, it would not drain the battery fast even if the model has 5G support.