Mac Pro Wheel comes with no locking mechanism, a functionality that could give Apple critics another story to tell if not handled well.

A few days after Apple released a white paper bearing details on the Mac Pro wheels, rumors surfaced the internet about the risk that their latest accessories' feature could pose a risk on the device itself if not handled well. A short video demonstration that now creates a noise online showed how a Mac Pro would freely roll on a slick floor when left alone due to its lack of wheel locks, as MacRumors reported.

The review about the Apple Mac Pro wheels no locking functionality is now gaining Twitter follower attention rapidly since it was posted yesterday. The post under Twitter handler MKBHD even reminded Apple customers saying, "Don't get the wheels if you keep this thing on your desk, there's no lock."

#protip don't get the wheels if you keep this thing on your desk. There's no locks.

- Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) February 26, 2020

The Mac Pro wheel with no locking mechanism is an option to the standard Mac tower configurations. The said Apple product tower configuration could also come with feet as an alternative to the wheels.

Meanwhile, Apple customers who will choose rack configuration instead of the tower are not affected by the risk that comes along the Mac Pro Wheel no locking mechanism as the said accessories only come along tower configurations.

Questions are still left unanswered as of the moment if the Mac Pro wheel and feet will be available as a standalone purchase. As per the latest update, Apple customers can avail the wheel and feet for their Mac Pro tower configuration by adding $400 on their regular purchase, and the tech giant advised their customers to see Apple online store for current availability as some options may have been delayed.

On the other hand, existing Mac Pro users will have to contact Apple or any of their Authorized Service Providers should they wish to have the feet and wheel configuration added to their device. The Cupertino tech giant, however, clarified that the Mac Pro wheels are customer installable and that switching from feet to wheels and vice versa can be done by the customers themselves without the need to contact the Apple or any of their Authorized Service Provider.

Considering the already pricey starting of $5,999 for an Apple Mac Pro, an addition of $400 for the wheels could be something. It could even hurt more if the wheels will lead to the device being damaged due to its lack of security lock as reported by Tech Radar.