Every year, Kate Middleton and Prince William observe the tradition of honoring the Irish Guards for St. Patrick's Day. This year, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking a pass but it's not because of the coronavirus scare. However, missing out on the event came at the right timing.

According to People, the annual honor for the Irish Guards has not been canceled like many public events in the world. The actual reason why this won't proceed, though, is because the first battalion of the Irish Guards is not going to be in the parade. Apparently, they are currently actively deployed in South Sudan and Iraq.

Last year, Prince William and Kate met with members of the Regiment to present the officers with shamrocks. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also watched the march of the Irish Guards as Prince William gave them a salute. The second in line to the throne is the Colonel of the Regiment.

Kate, on the other hand, joined her husband wearing a gorgeous Alexander McQueen coat. She also had some fun with Irish Wolfhound Domhnall, the mascot of the Irish Guards.

This annual event usually attracts guests by the hundreds. Fortunately for the royal couple, they have no reason to be among a crowd, where it's impossible to practice social distancing.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate might have no choice but to cancel their planned trip to Australia if the coronavirus threat persists. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are supposed to fly Down Under sometime in the spring or summer to show support for communities affected by the recent bushfires.

According to The Sun, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was in discussion with Kensington Palace over Prince William and Kate's travel plans. There were concerns because the Cambridge couple is used to flying commercial.

No details about the royal trip to Australia has been released to the press, thus far. Prince William and Kate had their last royal visit in the Commonwealth country in 2014 with Prince George, who was still about 10 months old.

Earlier, Prince William was chided for making a joke about coronavirus during their official visit to Ireland. He also shocked royal observers when he apparently mentioned to his wife that it was weird to be told not to shake hands at royal events.

The royal family is apparently making a proactive decision to postpone some of their scheduled duties. They have also been advised to practice social distancing and avoid the handshake for the meantime.