Kate Middleton is going to be her children's teacher in the next few weeks. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will no longer have classes as a safety precaution against the spread of the coronavirus.

According to E! News, Thomas's Battersea in London has announced a school closure beginning March 20 as many children and staff members have opted to stay at home. Classes, however, will still be conducted at online platforms thus the children's parents are asked to guide their kids.

However, Thomas's Battersea will have special classes for children whose parents are in the frontlines until March 26. The school officials also extended their gratitude to the community for their support during this challenging period. According to People, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are following the school's directed and the government's advice.

In February, Thomas's Battersea asked four pupils to go into self-isolation at home for exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 infection. These children returned from a holiday trip to Italy, where the virus pandemic has been accelerating.

Prince George is currently in Year 2 at Thomas's Battersea. Princess Charlotte is a reception pupil, having started her school year at the posh London school in September.

Meanwhile, Prince William announced his support for the National Emergency Trust's fundraising efforts to help those affected by COVID-19. The Duke of Cambridge is a patron of the charity, which he helped launch in the fall of last year.

Sources close to Prince William and Kate said that they are making the necessary changes to their schedules to focus on the fight against coronavirus, per Vanity Fair. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are stepping up as the rest of the senior royals are advised to self-isolate for at least 12 weeks since they are from the vulnerable sector.

Queen Elizabeth, who is 93 years old, is moving to Windsor Castle for an indefinite period as a precaution against the virus. Prince Philip, who is 98, has been staying at his farming estate in Sandringham since his retirement in 2017. Over 70-years-old Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will no longer proceed with their scheduled trips to Jordan and three other countries this week.

The Queen's cousins in their 70s and 80s are also scaling back on their royal appearances. The government of the U.K. is advising those above 70 years old to limit their movement as they are most vulnerable for succumbing to COVID-19.

There are now 1,950 cases in the U.K. with 60 deaths. The government abandoned its herd immunity plan and shifted to the delay phase, that is, to delay the spread of the virus.