WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for SWAT season 3 episode 18. Read at your own risk.

SWAT season 3 episode 18 is set to arrive next month on CBS, with the title "Stigma." This will be one of the most emotional episodes so far this season, as it will be dealing with an important issue: mental health. Viewers will be seeing some of the team opening up about their personal issues, as well as what they're dealing with at the moment.

SWAT season 3 episode 18 will be an emotional episode since it's about a journey to mental health. The title alone suggests that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes, those who are dealing with this matter are afraid to speak up and just keep it on their own. It is an issue that should be brought to light, given that a lot of people are dealing with it.

In SWAT season 3 episode 18, Hondo and the SWAT team need to save Buck, their former unit leader. He goes off the grid and the team fears he is planning to harm himself. Flashbacks will also reveal the search for Buck; coinciding with one of the brutal missions of the team. Then, each of them receives counseling and talk about their untold and emotional difficulties while working in SWAT.

Within this episode, we're going to see the SWAT team doing their best to save the life of their former unit leader, while also facing their own issue. This is an important episode and might be relatable to some, as there might be people out there who are afraid to discuss their mental health issues. In addition, this proved to be interesting and emotional so far this season.

Meanwhile, SWAT season 3 episode 18 is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, Apr. 1. But, CarterMatt reported that the episode might be airing on April 8, instead. The outlet noted that CBS is likely stretching out the season to keep the series for as long as possible. The series is also nearing the end of the season, but the Shemar Moore-led series keeps on bringing interesting stories.

In another report, the previous episode saw the SWAT team protecting a hotel full of civilians. The joint task force with the LAPD Gang division has gone wrong, so the team needs to do their best to save the people. But, their mission becomes complicated after Luca's freelance reporter brother Terry crossed the line to shoot footage.