The United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres warned Wednesday that the COVID-19 pandemic is a threat to the whole of humanity and therefore we must fight back. He also made an appeal for $2 billion in international humanitarian aid to be distributed in the poorest countries where health systems and food industry may not be strong to tackle the coronavirus pandemic

Indeed, numbers from the World Health Organization as of March 25 showed that there are now 414,179 total confirmed cases worldwide. 40,712 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours. Deaths globally are now at 18,440 with 2,202 new fatalities reported within 24 hours.   

China still holds the largest number of cases but the Asian country has since reversed the trend when it comes to new cases and the number of fatalities. The concern now in the Asian country is the increasing number of imported cases due to mostly Chinese students coming home from overseas.  As of Wednesday, China's National Health Commission reported 67 new imported cases on Wednesday from only 47 on Tuesday. 

Alarms, however, are higher in Italy as it recorded the second largest number of infections at 74,386. If countries are going to be ranked with how many people are infected, the United States came third with 69,171 COVID-19 cases. 

Spain is fourth at 49,515, Germany fifth with 37,323, and Iran 6th with 27,017. Here are the rest of the countries with more than 1000 confirmed cases as of March 25. Figures are based on a real-time tracker set by The Johns Hopkins University

25,600 France

10,897 Switzerland

9,640 United Kingdom

9,241 Korea, South

6,440 Netherlands

5,588 Austria

4,937 Belgium

3,404 Canada

3,084 Norway

2,995 Portugal

2,554 Brazil

2,526 Sweden

2,433 Turkey

2,369 Israel

2,364 Australia

1,862 Denmark

1,796 Malaysia

1,654 Czechia

1,564 Ireland

1,333 Luxembourg

1,307 Japan

1,211 Ecuador

1,142 Chile

1,063 Pakistan

1,051 Poland

At the same time, deaths are now at an all-time high in Italy, surpassing China's number given that the Asian country was the epicenter of the outbreak in December. 

7,503 Italy

3,647 Spain

3,169 Hubei China

2,077 Iran

1,331 France

465 United Kingdom

356 Netherlands

280 New York City

It was surprising to find the Netherlands among the countries with both the highest number of cases and fatalities even if Europe now being identified as the new epicenter of the virus. 

In the United States, the epicenter is believed to be New York City. The US government has passed a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package for the health system, workers, and businesses. 

On the other hand, 114,858 people have recovered from the virus. If ranked based on the number of most recovered patients, cities and territories in China dominate the list.   

61,201 Hubei China

9,625 Iran

9,362 Italy

5,367 Spain

4,144 Korea, South

3,900 France

3,547 Germany

1,336 Guangdong China

1,250 Henan China

1,222 Zhejiang China

1,014 Hunan China

984 Anhui China

934 Jiangxi China

752 Shandong China

631 Jiangsu China

616 US

597 Diamond Princess

570 Chongqing China

547 Belgium

536 Sichuan China

469 Heilongjiang China

403 Beijing China

330 Shanghai China

310 Hebei China

310 Japan

295 Fujian China

250 Guangxi China

242 Shaanxi China