The coronavirus has paralyzed the whole world with most encouraged to stay indoors. That includes China, a country that has dealt with the pandemic since December. Most businesses and factories were shut down although some are slowly trying to open via skeletal force. It appears this is not the case for Polestar.

With most factories forced to temporarily cease operations, particularly in the United States and Europe, it appears one company over in Luqiao, China remains defiant. According to their official site, Polestar has started production for the Polestar 2, Volvo's first electric vehicle along the line of the Volvo XC40. Geely owns both companies, the first vehicle that will be offered over in Europe. Deliveries will commence first in China followed by North America.

Worth noting that while the world is trying to figure out ways to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the numbers are on the decline over in China. Although not entirely clear of it, the initiative remains a high-risk move. To safeguard its workers, the company still takes the necessary protocols like disinfection, wearing protective gear and monitoring their employees' temperature. So far, the company has had zero cases of COVID-19, Engadget reported.

The Polestar 2 is the company's offering to compete against the Tesla Model 3. It boasts of a different-looking mold, something that could raise interest in consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle in the market.

The Polestar 2 will be backed by a 78 kWh battery that allows owners to travel up to 275 miles using the WLTP method. Power will come from a 408 horsepower 487 lb-ft motor. To make rides more convenient, the EV will come with an Android-powered entertainment system with Google Assistant voice commands, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store.

In terms of pricing, the set price for the Polestar 2 "Launch Edition" is pegged at $63,000. That price is way pricier than the original $40,000 that Volvo divulged. For those who find that suggested retail price a bit steep, Polestar will be offering other variants as options. That includes a $55,000 model which will roll out a year after. There is also reportedly a cheaper model running on a single motor in the works although the actual price has yet to be known.

With Polestar operations seemingly on schedule, seeing the Polestar 2 out as initially projected is more likely. As far as sales are concerned, it will be interesting if folks would prioritize getting an electric vehicle at this point. Demand for it will be scarce for the coming months but hopefully, pick up once the coronavirus pandemic is resolved.