Riot Games and its co-founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill have contributed more than $1 million to support coronavirus rescue efforts, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles revealed at a media conference Tuesday.

The mayor said the League of Legends creator donated $800,000, but the Los Angeles-headquartered business later clarified that Riot Games is donating $500,000, with Beck and Merrill each contributing the same amount.

According to Garcetting, they are fortunate to have industries in Los Angeles "that not only empower our city but also our nation and the economy of our world." The mayor added that gaming is one of those important segments and one of the pioneers in that aspect is the Riot Games.

Riot Games has been renowned for its contribution to the community. It fosters diversity and the rights of LGBTQ+ through storytelling, gaming and donations. According to its website, the charitable program, called the Social Impact Program, has contributed more than $15 million to over 25 different charitable causes worldwide.

And it's no wonder that these diverse and progressive developers are "trying to help the little guy out" during the coronavirus shutdown, despite the virus canceling several LoL events, the website added.

Riot Games said another $200,000 goes to the Los Angeles Mayor's Fund, which aims to fund health services, childcare, senior meals, and scholarships to vulnerable low-income or unemployed residents. The remaining funds will be allocated to charities in the Los Angeles area.

In a statement, Riot Games said Los Angeles has always been the birthplace of Riot and "Angelenos are an irreplaceable part of our success." The developer pointed out that during this tough time "we want to do what we can to give back to our society."

Riot Games added that they will also continue to evaluate, as a multinational organization, how to better tackle this crisis on a global magnitude.

The mayor had also been told by Riot Games that they would be helping the city provide medical supplies for workers at the hospital in Los Angeles.

This includes face masks to "cover our front-line doctors and nurses." Riot's employees are now operating remotely, the mayor then noted, but they will retain their full-time janitorial staff, facilities personnel, and food workers.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major effect on the e-sporting industry, with the cancelation of almost every live competition or event scheduled for the foreseeable future. Remaining competitions are held online, such as the LCS and the LEC.