WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Station 19 season 3 episode 11. Read at your own risk.

Station 19 season 3 episode 11 is set to arrive next week on ABC, with the title "No Days Off." This episode will bring different stories, as well as another Grey's Anatomy crossover event. The episode may also deliver other stories that are relevant to what's happening in the real world. Here's what we can expect in the upcoming episode.

In Station 19 season 3 episode 11, Andy and Sullivan will be doing whatever they can to help a restaurant amid an ICE raid. Also, they were hoping Pruitt would understand the idea of them being together. The synopsis notes Andy and Sullivan are seeking for Pruitt's blessing for their relationship while having lunch, but these two jumped into action after ICE tried to raid the restaurant.

This will be an intense episode for Andy and Sullivan and the episode title likely referenced to them. The question here is: will they be able to stop the raid and get Pruitt's blessing? Perhaps, they need to deal with the situation first before dealing with their personal concerns. But then, it remains to be seen whether or not Pruitt will indeed approve their relationship.

As for what else we can expect on Station 19 season 3 episode 11, Travis gets into an awkward situation while having lunch with Chief Dixon, Emmett, and Emmett's girlfriend. And as for the Grey's Anatomy crossover, Ben will invite Grey-Sloan Memorial surgeons Jackson Avery, Teddy Altman, and Owen Hunt to get a sneak peek of the new PRT vehicle.

Meanwhile, some of the preview photos of the upcoming episode feature Ben along with Jackson, Teddy, and Owen. Based on the images, it looks like they were having a good time. In other photos, Sullivan can be seen as having a very series look. In addition, some shots of Dean, Jack, and Pruitt were shown in a separate scene.

Some of the guest stars set to appear in this episode include Mac Brandt as Agent Baxter, Brian Letscher as Agent Prine, Hollis W. Chambers as Todd, Jorge-Luis Pallo as Beto, Shane Blades as Dominic, Remy Nozik as Alicia, Lachlan Buchanan as Emmett Dixon, and Pat Healy as Chief Dixon. The episode is directed by Tom Verica and written by Cinque Henderson.

Station 19 season 3 episode 11 airs on Thursday night, Apr. 2, on ABC. New episodes of the series can also be watched the following day on demand and on Hulu.