Many companies are implementing mandatory or voluntary work-from-home policies due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's not a new situation for some people, but many are doing it for the first time, adding to the list of challenges that we have to go through in these crucial times.

The experience can be so sudden that it feels like a completely different world. We're not sure how long it'll last, so we're forced to stay indoors and give up socializing. Working from home used to seem like the best way to get everything done, until you had to do it. 

If you're having a difficult time adjusting to this new setup, here are some tips to make sure you're successful at your "new" job and stay sane while you're at it. 

Get Dressed

Never underestimate the power of dressing up while working in the comforts of your home. Sure, keeping your pajamas on for the entire day seems like the most relaxing way to do it, but you might get too comfortable and lazy to complete any task. And what if somebody important decides to hit video call without warning? That should be enough motivation to get up and get dressed. 

Set a Specific Work Area

Working from home might be temporary, but a dedicated workspace creates the illusion of a regular work routine. Plus, this is one way of keeping all your work stuff in one place, so you won't have to deal with clutter especially when it gets too hectic. It also allows for privacy, so you can focus on your job in spite of the ruckus inside your house. 

Try To Replicate Your Workstation

After identifying the specific spot where you'll be working, your next task is to get the feeling that you're actually in the office and not anywhere near your TV. Do this by replicating the tech you have at work. For example, if you're using two screens in the office, use two screens in your home workstation as well. If you don't own two, ask the office if you can bring them home for this time. 

You Might Need Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This tip is for those who have to conference call a lot while in a house full of roommates or kids. Remember that you're technically at work, so eliminate noise as much as possible. 

Take Breaks

Not long ones, but try and take breaks as you would do at the office. Assuming your chair isn't as comfy as what you have at work and your desk isn't as ergonomic as you'd want it to be, you need to stretch and move around as well. It's perfectly okay to visit the fridge, but don't camp beside it. 

Don't Get Too Distracted With COVID-19 News

You're working remotely because of the pandemic, so checking in on coronavirus updates is only natural. It's good to stay informed, but don't get sucked in by the news and get yourself too anxious -- that's a huge distraction you'd want to avoid if you want to be productive at home.

If you're prone to getting distracted all the time, disable all notifications during your working hours. The news can wait.