BTS J-Hope is used to receiving praise about his dancing and rapping skills but as more content is released about him, fans are discovering more to love about this fun-loving and charismatic idol. He recently became the subject of an online community's praise for his neat personality.

According to a report by All Kpop, netizens compiled evidence of the J-Hope's neat personality by sharing images and clips of his neatness.One netizen pointed out his bed preparation which could rival a hotel because of the sharp angles of the blanket folds. Another showed J-Hope thoughtfully eating watermelon in front of a sink so that the juice won't spill on the floor or the table.

J-Hope's neat personality is quite rare for guys his age and his fans have expressed even more admiration for an idol of his caliber.

Neatness is not the only trait that is making fans more proud of J-Hope. Super Junior's Leeteuk recently shared that he was quite thoughtful as well.

On his YouTube channel, Leeteuk talked about his friendship with J-Hope's parents who happen to live in the same building as him.

It can be recalled that Leeteuk already talked about how he formed a friendship with the BTS' members' parents when he bumped into J-Hope's dad in a sauna. Leeteuk shared that J-Hope's family treated him very warmly and that J-Hope's mom constantly looked after him.

Leeteuk shared after becoming friends with J-Hope's parents, he and the BTS member have also become friends and have exchanged contact information.

He said that J-Hope was very respectful of him as a senior idol and referred to him as Hyung or big brother. Leeteuk said that J-Hope was even trying to give him a signed copy of BTS' latest album Map of the Soul: 7 despite being busy with promotions.  

"BTS's J-Hope - Hobi - messaged me saying, 'Hyung, I wanted to give you our signed CD, but just can't seem to find the right time. I'm sorry.' So I replied, 'It's okay. We're really both so busy so how can we meet each other?" Leeteuk said.

However, he was still surprised when J-Hope's mom approached him one day to deliver the signed copy of the album, along with a gift of her own for Leeteuk.

According to the Super Junior leader, he was so touched by the gesture that he wanted to repay it by sending the family a copy of his cookbook once it comes out, Koreaboo reported.