BTS' V visited the set of Itaewon Class to show support for his hyung, Park Seo Joon during the final filming day of the drama. However, he ended up being the talk of the town for his outstanding visuals.

According to a report by All Kpop, V was casually dressed in an oversized coat over a normal shirt when he stopped by the set but he was able to shine even with his laid back get up.

As photos emerged of his set visit, ARMYs were once again blown away by his handsome visuals. They talked about the flawlessness of his bare face and his naturally sweet looks that made him more handsome.

Netizens could not stop their hearts from fluttering over his looks and his shy smile while some envied the staff member who was lucky enough to get her picture taken with V.

V is known to be a good friend of Park Seo Joon ever since they starred together in the saeguk drama Hwarang with Park Hyung Sik. The three celebrities, as well as Parasite star Choi Woo Shik and rapper Peakboy, are known as the Wooga Squad and support each other's projects at every turn.

As a matter of fact, V wrote, produced and recorded the song Sweet Night as part of the Itaewon Class OST to support Park Seo Joon. The song was written as an homage to the name of the bar that Park Seo Joon's character Park Saeroyi ran in the drama.

Choi Woo Shik and the rest of the Wooga Squad also supported Park Seo Joon's latest project by sending food trucks and teasing the actor on social media.

Because of V's charming personality, fans are drawn to the talented BTS member. Fans naturally feel protective of V and were quick to condemn the recent act of a YouTuber who leaked V's passport information online.

According to a report, the YouTuber posted what appeared to be an image of V's passport, which contained his real name Kim Taehyung, as well as his social identification number and other information,Koreaboo reported.

As netizens sounded the alert against the irresponsible act, some found red flags in the document and hinted that it could have been a forged document.

ARMYs demanded a stop to sasaeng activities that endanger the idols with their rabid fandom and violate their privacy to an alarming degree.