Eden Hazard wishes he could do better but an injury has kept him from helping Real Madrid this season. He did see action for a short while and made a good impression. Unfortunately, he ended up re-injuring himself once more and such has added to his frustration of helping Los Blancos.

Regardless, the 29-year-old is keeping his hopes up as he tries to recover from yet another setback. However, he is fully aware that he needs to prove himself worthy of the hefty sum that Real Madrid shelled out for his behalf. Hazard was acquired from Atletico Madrid for a record sum of $112 million but the investment has yet to pay off.

Hazard is treating the current season as an adaptation year but knows that things will be different next season. He seems to be aware that evaluation will be closely done in his second year and he knows that he needs to push himself to prove he is worth every penny, Goal.com reported.

"It is an adaptation season. I will be judged in the second. It is up to me to be in good shape next year," Hazard said. "The group is good, I have met new people. For me, it is a great experience. I still have four years of contract, I hope be in good shape."

Hazard saw action when Real Madrid faced FC Barcelona where he played for 70 minutes. And while he had a superb outing, Los Merengues ended up settling for a draw. His injury happened in their next game against their surprise defeat to Levante in La Liga. Now, he needs to rehabilitate again and hope to come back strong once the season is ready to resume.

Like most, Hazard has been left to isolate himself as the world tries to figure out the COVID-19 virus. There is no telling if he can heal up in time for the rest of the season which will reportedly need to finish before a new one starts. However, Hazard may do well not to rush himself back to action if he is not fully ready to play football.

Aside from Hazard, other injured players could benefit from the lull. Teams in need of manpower could benefit from the coronavirus pandemic, allowing them to get more rest and heal up. But the more pressing question right now is when the virus will be checked and when sporting action is given the chance to resume.