The 2020 United States Presidential Election is fast approaching. Donald Trump, as the incumbent, was expected to top the race in this period of time. However, data in early 2020, reportedly, showed otherwise. As stated, presidential hopeful Joe Biden was leading the polls placing Trump in the "worst polling position."

According to CNN News, a recently released poll showed the two politicians at a 52 percent to 43 percent rating. Although Donald Trump has more opportunity today in terms of public appearance due to the crisis, it was said that the former US Vice President has been leading the race.

The publication noted that Donald Trump is the "first incumbent president" to trail at this point since Harry Truman, which was seen in 1948. Even so, it was expected as well that things will still undergo a lot of changes, given that a lot can happen in eight months. Not to mention, the United States, alongside the other 180+ countries, is experiencing the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic.

A few days after, though, notably, when the outbreak is reaching its peak in the country, the Washington Examiner reported that Donald Trump has been winning the race again in the Midwest. The states included were said to be Ohio, Pennsylvania, and considerably, Wisconsin.

In figures, it was revealed that the polls find Trump at 47 percent against Joe Biden's 43 percent in Ohio, 47 percent to 45 percent in Pennsylvania, and a "neck-and-neck" 45 percent in Wisconsin. However, the case in Michigan was said to be different since the former Vice President was leading at 47 percent against Donald Trump's 42 percent.

The report seemingly concluded that the significant change in poll numbers may be the aftermath of the US President's response to the apparent crisis in the country today. It was also said that Trump's extended exposure due to the virus outbreak may have contributed to his positive ratings.

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, the quarantine and lockdown may have prevented him to move forward with his campaign, which likely affected his approval and popular ratings in recent weeks.

In a related report shared by The GuardianDonald Trump is "struggling" again to reassure the American people, who have now become a one "fearful nation" because of the pandemic. On Thursday, the United States has already surpassed China's figures in terms of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country.

While Joe Biden noted that this is not the US President's fault, nor he is responsible for the coronavirus, the presidential hopeful, reportedly, stated that Trump bears "full responsibility" for the "slow" response, which has already resulted in 3 million people losing their jobs.