Ivanka Trump is serving the Trump administration as a Senior Advisor to her father, the United States President, Donald Trump. Along with her husband, Jared Kushner, the couple were given the same title after the incumbent President assumed his office in 2017.

Since their arrival inside the White House, controversies have been quite apparent concerning their standings in the administration. But, one of the most controversial events that centered on the First Daughter was her "outrageous" move to get Mike Flynn "the job he wanted."

According to Yahoo! News, Ivanka Trump was, reportedly, a "key player" to the whole debacle involving the retired US Army Lieutenant General. It was said that she was the one who brought Mike Flynn into the Trump fold with the support of her husband, as well as her siblings.

A few days after Donald Trump officially assumed his office, Mike Flynn was appointed as the National Security Advisor. He became the 25th person to obtain the title in American history.

His appointment was, later on, revealed to be a move initiated by the First Daughter, herself. As it happened, reports claimed that Ivanka was just "rewarding" him for his "amazing loyalty," especially to the US President.

Two days after the Presidential Election in 2016, Express UK shared that Vice President-elect Mike Pence and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie "chaired a meeting" to introduce Mike Flynn. However, sources attested that Ivanka Trump "took over" the event and directly asked the retired Lieutenant General what job he wanted.

It was further revealed that the President's daughter repeatedly "praised" him during and after the engagement. The source, who was said to be present at that time, also deemed the First Daughter as "Princess Ivanka." It was like she "had laid a sword on Flynn's shoulders" and told him to "rise, and go forth," the source added.

While the retired Lieutenant General, reportedly, asked for either the Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense's job, it was noted that he did not meet the qualifications given that any military officials need to be retired for a certain period of time before becoming the head of either the two agencies. Nevertheless, he still ended up being the 25th National Security Advisor of the United States.

Ivanka Trump's "bet" did not last long in the position appointed to him. As reported, he resigned from the post after 22 days due to his controversial affiliations and ongoing cases.

In the end, though, many individuals concluded that this is how powerful Ivanka is despite all of the constant objections and criticisms from the public.