The United States has become the hardest-hit country that continues to suffer from the novel coronavirus. Aside from a battered economy, the country is the first in the world to top 100,000 in confirmed CoVID-19 cases.

NYPD Uniformed Employees Call in Sick

On Saturday, a daily coronavirus report from the New York Police Department (NYPD) revealed that over 4,300 uniformed employees were unable to make it to work as they fell ill, CNN reported.

The said number of employees who called in sick make up for around 12 percent of the NYPD's total uniformed workforce, marking an alarming trend within the uniformed frontliner circle.

So far, 608 uniformed workers of the NYPD have tested positive of the CoVID-19 strain.

CDC Outs Travel Advisory for Three States

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Saturday issued a travel advisory for residents of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the said states spike.

According to CBS affiliate WCBS-TV, the CDC in its advisory urged citizens residing in the three states to refrain from traveling for at least two weeks as a means of controlling the spread of the CoVID-19 strain.

The advisory came after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that he is considering calls to place the three states under quarantine, referring to them as "hot spots" of the novel virus.

New York has over 52,000 confirmed CoVID-19 cases and as of Saturday, 728 people from the state have succumbed to the disease.

New Jersey Records Over 2,200 New CoVID-19 Cases

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy revealed during a media conference on Saturday that the state recorded 2,289 new patients who tested positive of the novel coronavirus, reported.

"It is critical for you to stay home," Murphy said at the press briefing. He further revealed that there were 32 new deaths from the disease, bringing the state's death toll to 140.

New Jersey now has at least 11,124 confirmed CoVID-19 cases.

California Cases Over 4,600

California is the third hardest-hit state in the United States and as of Saturday, the state recorded a total of 5,551 confirmed CoVID-19 cases, NPR reported.

Of the positive cases, 923 were registered as community-acquired, while 3,720 were under the person-to-person transmission category. The state's total confirmed cases also include 73 healthcare providers.

Almost 120 deaths have been recorded in California as of Saturday.

Almost 90 in Illinois County Jail Infected

At the Cook County Jail in Illinois, at least 89 inmates have tested positive of CoVID-19, the Sheriff's Office confirmed on Saturday.

According to USA Today, 92 tests are still pending as of Saturday evening as the latest data revealed that over 2,600 people contracted the disease in the county.

As part of Illinois' action plan against the novel virus, the Cook County Jail has started processing the screening and potential release of pretrial defendants as well as non-violent inmates who have underlying health issues and are aging.

The United States now has at least 124,377 confirmed CoVID-19 cases and over 2,100 deaths.