Donald Trump has been criticized again for his recent tweet amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. He reportedly "mocked" Utah's Senator, Mitt Romney after he revealed the result of his coronavirus test.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the senator made it known before the public that "thankfully," he has tested negative for the virus. He also went on to share that the guidelines his physician has advised are "consistent" with what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides to everyone.

The senator also said that despite the negative results, he has been required to remain in quarantine. He explained that the test "does not rule out" the early symptoms of the virus amid the 14-day period.

Many of his followers and fans reportedly wished him well for his current condition. However, Donald Trump has a different take on the senator's news. It was revealed that the US President "retweeted" a post about Mitt Romney's test result.

The publication added that the POTUS also shared his own version of well-wishes toward the senator. He reportedly said that it is "really great news!" He even revealed that he is "so happy" that he can even "barely speak."

Trump then continued his tweet by stating that the Utah Senator may have been a "terrible presidential candidate" and a "worse" United States Senator, but, he said that he is still a "RINO" and that he likes him "a lot."

In the same report, it was explained that RINO stands for "Republican In Name Only." As revealed, the term is used to mock the centrist Republicans by far-right Republicans, especially when they disagree with the White House.

As per People, Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator who "voted against" Donald Trump in his recent senate impeachment trial. It was also "remarkable" that if only the senator did not "endorse" Trump, he had been the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.

So, it was assumed that the rift between the two politicians has been ongoing since then. But, despite apparent rift, Donald Trump was reportedly called out by netizens after posting his "sarcastic" tweet about the senator's condition.

Some netizens urged him to resign not only because of the incident but, because of his "slow response" to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. As of today, the country has already surpassed China and Italy in terms of the number of positive cases. It was also said that the United States will soon become the epicenter of the pandemic because of the President.