In our present world filled with this coronavirus hysteria, a lot of people might see themselves very weak and helpless. But did you know this is far from reality? The truth is, everyone plays a very special role in whatever that is happening, which could help secure not just today's population, but also our future generations. Here are several ways you can save the world.


The new coronavirus can be transferred from one person to another through droplets of discharges and saliva of those who are infected. Since it can transfer easily and fast, everyone can be vulnerable from it.

Experts say the best way to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of it is still to keep away from those who are possible carriers of the virus. Given this reason, a lot of countries nowadays are already declaring lockdowns and forced quarantines with hopes to control the coronavirus.

Given this reason, it is best to follow the government and health officials' instructions. Stay at home and spend more time with your family. Not everyone is given such privilege nowadays.


No matter how much you would want to stay indoors during this pandemic, there are still times you are left with no choice but to go out for important reasons. Some of these reasons often include purchasing some goods, going to the market, or buying some medicines and supplements, as reported by Healthy Children.

In situations such as these, it is important to be reminded to always keep your distance and observe social distancing. You can do that by maintaining a certain distance between the people you will meet outside. Doing so would lessen your risks of coming close to those who are positive with the virus and infect other people too.


Whenever you go outside during this outbreak, there is always a risk that the things you are about to bring inside your homes are contaminated with the coronavirus. It may be the purchases you had from the grocery store, the slippers or shoes you used when you went outside, the change you had after purchasing your goods, the clothes you wore when you went out, or even your very own hands and body.

The coronavirus "needs to stop at your doorstop", as shared by Dr. Beverly Ho, who is the Philippine's Special Assistant to the Secretary. So, disinfect your place, your body, and all the things you've purchased outside with sanitizers, anti-bacterial soaps, and cleansers before stepping inside your homes, as stated by the Cleaning Institute. It is also better to wash your clothes and accessories as soon as you got home. Doing so might cost you extra time and effort, but at least you and your love ones are one step ahead against your fight with the coronavirus.