Maureen Bongat Jularbal

Maureen Bongat Jularbal
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Maureen B. Jularbal is a writer at the Business Times. She studied Computer Science and Accountancy and has been passionate about arts and writing ever since. She has worked with the newspaper industry for years as a news and literary writer and photographer. She loves to sing, play her guitar, beatbox, and kalimba, do gardening, and travel in her spare time.

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  • Be A Hero Amid The Present Coronavirus Pandemic By Following These Guidelines
    Family sits on table inside kitchen.
    Do you feel weak and helpless amid the present coronavirus outbreak? Know you can do something to end it.
  • 4 Coronavirus Myths Debunked By Experts
    Person in yellow protective suit.
    We shouldn't get bombarded with fake news and information anymore. Here are some of the myths debunked by experts you should be aware of.
  • Experts Debunk The Link Between Your Blood Type, Your Susceptibility To Coronavirus
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    Does your blood type make you more susceptible to the coronavirus? Experts reveal the truth. Read on.
  • Earth's Destroyed Wildlife Is The Reason Why Coronavirus Has Emerged, Experts Say
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    Have you ever wondered why coronavirus has emerged? Experts have something to say. Read on.
  • Self-Care Practices For Your Body, Soul And Mind Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak
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    You deserve to feel pampered and loved even during this coronavirus outbreak. Here are some of the ways to do it.
  • Why Vitamin C Is Crucial In Our Fight Against Coronavirus?
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    Here are the reasons why you should consume more Vitamin C as you protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Another Dog Tested Positive For Coronavirus, Hong Kong Officials Confirm
    Adult German Shepherd lying on the ground.
    After the death of the first dog who contracted the coronavirus, another dog is now ill for the same fate, Hong Kong authorities confirm.
  • Things You Can Do During This Coronavirus Outbreak
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    Bored while on quarantine and lockdown? Here are some of the things you can do to make your day worthwhile.
  • All You Need To Know About Breastfeeding Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak
    Breastfeeding mom behind chimes.
    Is it okay for moms who are tested positive or under monitoring for coronavirus to breastfeed their children? Know the facts here.
  • Things Travelers Should Know During The Present Coronavirus Outbreak
    Man sitting behind black backpack along railway.
    What do travel experts say about exploring the world nowadays and how the coronavirus impacts the industry?
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