Maureen Bongat Jularbal

Maureen Bongat Jularbal
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Maureen B. Jularbal is a writer at the Business Times. She studied Computer Science and Accountancy and has been passionate about arts and writing ever since. She has worked with the newspaper industry for years as a news and literary writer and photographer. She loves to sing, play her guitar, beatbox, and kalimba, do gardening, and travel in her spare time.

The Latest

  • How Isolation During The Coronavirus Outbreak Can Be Beneficial For You Too?
    Baby touching her mother's face.
    Isolation can hurt your mental health big time. But did you know it could do you well too? Learn the ways.
  • Things To Remember When Sanitizing Your Home Against COVID-19
    Person in yellow protective suit.
    Did you know that it is also crucial to sanitize your place and surfaces to keep you and your family safe from the coronavirus?
  • Lessons Other Countries Can Learn From Hokkaido's Second Wave Of Coronavirus Outbreak
    Woman walking on the streets during night time.
    After lifting its state of emergency on March 19, the island of Hokkaido in Japan is now facing the Coronavirus' second wave. Read more.
  • Winston: The First Dog To Test Positive for COVID-19 In The US
    Winston, a pet dog who is believed to be the first dog in the U.S. to have tested positive for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in humans
    The first case of COVID-19 in dogs has been reported in the US. Learn more about the pup's experiences and symptoms here.
  • Differences And Similarities Of The Coronavirus And Common Flu
    Health workers wearing face masks.
    Have you ever wondered about the differences and similarities between the common flu and the coronavirus? Know more about it here.
  • Money Can Spread The Coronavirus: Know How To Keep Yourself Protected
    A man counts U.S. dollar banknotes next to Lebanese pounds at a currency exchange shop in Beirut, Lebanon
    Did you know that your money can be a vessel of the coronavirus too? Here are the pieces of information you need to know.
  • Safest Way To Date Someone While On Isolation During The Coronavirus Pandemic
    Woman on video call while at home.
    Being quarantined inside your house for an indefinite time would make you think it is impossible to date anyone anymore. But is it really?
  • Overcoming Loneliness Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak
    Man wearing pink crew neck shirt.
    Isolation can make you feel lonely big time. Overcome this negative feeling. Consider following these tips.
  • Dealing With The Pain Of Being Away From Your Partner This Pandemic
    Woman hugging gray bear.
    It's hard to be away from your special person, especially during this pandemic. But know there are several ways on how to deal with it.
  • Here's What You And Your Partner Can Do With During Quarantine
    Couple wearing face mask drinking milkshake.
    Bored in the house during quarantine? Why not use this time to bond with your loved one even more?
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