Maureen Bongat Jularbal

Maureen Bongat Jularbal
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Maureen B. Jularbal is a writer at the Business Times. She studied Computer Science and Accountancy and has been passionate about arts and writing ever since. She has worked with the newspaper industry for years as a news and literary writer and photographer. She loves to sing, play her guitar, beatbox, and kalimba, do gardening, and travel in her spare time.

The Latest

  • Asymptomatic COVID-19: Everything You Need To Know
    A woman wearing white t-shirt without face mask.
    Asymptomatic people still play a crucial role in the coronavirus pandemic. Know how to keep yourself protected. Here are the things you need to know.
  • Foods You Should Consume This Quarantine For Better Mental Health
    Man in white t-shirt eating chips.
    Are you suffering from mental issues while being in quarantine? Did you know that some foods may actually help? Here are some.
  • How To Make DIY Face Shield, Face Mask For Your Protection?
    Woman in red long sleeve.
    Current supply for face masks and face shields are not enough. So why not create your own COVID-19 protection gear? Here’s how.
  • How To Keep Your Babies Protected During This COVID-19 Pandemic
    Man carrying her daughter smiling.
    It is best to keep everyone safe during this pandemic, but how can you make babies safe from it? What are the things to remember?
  • Ocean Is Now Filled With Masks, Gloves, Alcohol Containers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
    Photo of trash on shore.
    We currently purchase and use facemasks, gloves, and alcohol to fight the coronavirus. But have you ever wondered what happens to this stuff after usage?
  • Zara To Close 1,200 Stores, Will Focus Selling On Online Stores
    Woman holding shopping bags.
    Businesses are one of those that are mostly affected by the coronavirus pandemic nowadays. Unfortunately, Zara is one of those.
  • New Zealand Is No Longer COVID-Free, With Two New Cases From UK
    New Zealand flag.
    Two women from the United Kingdom put an end to New Zealand’s COVID-free run. Read the details here.
  • Here's The Right And Safe Way To Wear Non-Medical Fabric Mask
    Woman wearing eyeglasses with face mask.
    Wearing a fabric mask is very effective in keeping you protected against the coronavirus. But what is the right and safe way to wear it?
  • Are Facemasks Safe To Use? Experts Explain
    Woman in white face mask.
    There are a couple of negative news regarding facemasks that are circulating the world now. What are the truths behind it?
  • How To Improve Your Sleep During This Coronavirus Pandemic
    Someone sleeping in the chair.
    With all the stressing factors everyone is facing now, how can one have a good night’s sleep? Here are some of the ways.
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