The coronavirus has already caused millions of cases and thousands of deaths around the world. This, in turn, leave people covered with fear, the economy of countries failing, and people's financial status unstable.

With the dramatic increase of these numbers every minute, health authorities are doing their best to keep and help people be more protected against the coronavirus. One of the things they recommend the most is by using stuff such as surgical face masks and face shields.

Unfortunately, the current supply for surgical masks and face shields in the market is already on its rock bottom. Given this reason, this stuff is now allotted mostly for those who will be needing it the most such as our frontliners battling the virus in the medical field.

With not enough surgical masks and face shields in the market, how can we be well protected against the coronavirus still? Don't fret and make your protective gear instead.


To make the face shield, you first have to get all the materials needed. These are the headband, tape, clear plastic, or half of a plastic gallon (size should only a bit bigger than your face), foam, and a pair of scissors, as enumerated by Sunnebee in her Youtube account.

The first thing to do is to cut the bottom part of the plastic to avoid accidents. Make sure it is rounded removing any sharp edges.

The second is to connect the headband to the upper part of the plastic using a tape. You can add foam in between the two if you feel uncomfortable with the plastic touching your face.


To create your homemade face mask, you first have to get all these materials: tape measure or ruler, a pair of scissors, rubber bands, and fabric (it may be an old t-shirt or cloth). In choosing the cloth to use, better to choose those that are made from cotton and are opaque, as advised by Healthline.

The first step is to cut the cloth for your mask. For its length, measure the bridge of your nose up to the part of your lower chin. For the width, measure from your left ear to your right ear. For extra protection, add a paper towel or coffee filter if you like.

The second is to sew your piece. Do that by folding and sewing the upper and the lower part of your mask about ¼ inch. After doing so, attach your rubber or hair bands to the right and left part, folding and sewing it about half an inch. Fit and adjust your mask depending on your comfort.