Maureen Bongat Jularbal

Maureen Bongat Jularbal
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Maureen B. Jularbal is a writer at the Business Times. She studied Computer Science and Accountancy and has been passionate about arts and writing ever since. She has worked with the newspaper industry for years as a news and literary writer and photographer. She loves to sing, play her guitar, beatbox, and kalimba, do gardening, and travel in her spare time.

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    Mount Mayon
    Can't travel to the Philippines? Worry no more. Here are some of the recipes you can try to have a glimpse of their amazing culture.
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  • How To Keep Your Glasses Fog-Free While On Mask?
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  • Three Important Skills You May Want To Teach Your Children During Quarantine
    Children play while families wait in line at a food bank at St. Bartholomew Church, during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the Elmhurst section of Queens, New York City
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  • Protecting Yourself From The Coronavirus While Doing Your Grocery
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    Going out to buy groceries is never safe nowadays. But know you can do something about it, experts say. Here are some of those.
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