The number of coronavirus cases and deaths are increasing almost every minute. With over 4,894,254 cases and 320,186 deaths worldwide as of the writing, experts say avoiding touching one's face, specifically the mouth, eyes, and nose, is still one of the most effective ways to protect oneself from the virus.

Unfortunately, avoiding touching the face seems almost impossible. A research conducted in Sydney showed how people tend to touch their face in an average of 23 times per hour. Forty-four percent of those were involved in touching their mouth, nose, and eyes, as reported by CNN.

One of the main reasons why people tend to touch their faces is because of their glasses, most especially when it fogs. So is it possible to keep your glasses from fogging? What can we do about it?


One of the main reasons why your glasses fog up is because of your unfit masks. Once you breathe out, the warm air you produce will find its way out of your mask hitting the cold surface of your glasses. When that happens, the warm air will condense causing your glasses to fog up.

So make sure your mask fits right especially with the spaces in your nose bridge. Purchase only masks that can be adjusted or those that are made with nose bridge.


There is this one hack that is circulating the internet that is said to be effective in addressing your foggy glasses problem. All you need to do is simply wash them with soap and water, as advised by Cleveland ClinicBy using these two materials to clean your glasses, a coat is then produced in its surface, which could act as a thin covering and keep your glasses from fogging.  

Some solutions or chemicals can be harsh and could ruin the layer. So, before following this tip, it is crucial to consult your optician first especially if your glasses already have a coating on it.


If the first two tips are not very effective in keeping your glasses from fogging, you might want to consider buying some solutions for it instead. There are several anti-fog products available in the market, which you can try and could help you with your problem.

But make sure to check the ingredients of the solution first before purchasing and using the product to know if it is safe for your glasses or not. It is also better to read customer reviews too to know more about the product's effectiveness and efficiency.