There have been a few numbers of recorded cases of animal transmission since the coronavirus pandemic has begun. Based on the details gathered from these cases, experts still found no specific evidence that could show animal's significant role in transmitting the virus to humans, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Given this reason, experts say there are no reasons for owners to abandon or to euthanize their fur friends this pandemic. Pet owners should take care of their furry friends in the best way they can to protect them from getting infected with COVID-19 instead. 

But, how can one do it? What are the things dog owners should do to keep their dog healthy this coronavirus pandemic? 


Washing your hands has always been very effective in eliminating different bacteria and viruses, experts say. Given this reason, it is a must to always consider good and proper hygiene practices when feeding, touching, and cuddling your dogs. Even when touching their toys and belongings, veterinarians claim how important to sanitize your hands first before doing so. Do that by washing your hands with soap and clean flowing water for 20 seconds, until all the parts of your hands are completely washed. 

Furthermore, kissing them and sharing your food with them are also prohibited, especially if you are feeling unwell. Never let them kiss or lick your face as viruses that you have been exposed to could transfer to them too. 


If you are healthy, not suffering from any chronic diseases, aged 59 and below, and authorities do not advise you to go under strict quarantine, then, walking your dog is possible. There are just several things to keep in mind when doing so. 

When walking your best friend, it is important to always practice social distancing by avoiding crowded places. Staying away from people physically, about two meters, is best to do too.


Most local government, nowadays, would require their people to stay indoors no matter what happened, except for emergency cases. Given this reason, visiting your pet's doctor is not advised except if your pooch needs urgent treatment. 

Since going out of your area is prohibited, consider natural home remedies to treat simple health issues of your dog instead, as posted by Dogs Naturally MazingYou can, also, call your veterinarian for more information to help you how to look after your dog's health this pandemic to reduce the need to see him personally.