The coronavirus cases have, now, reached a staggering number of more than 17 million and deaths of almost 700,000 after almost eight months after the coronavirus has been discovered in Wuhan, China, as reported by WorldometerBut amid the rising number of people getting infected and dying of this virus, some children are crying for help as they experience sexual abuse from those they thought would help them become safe and well-protected this pandemic.

According to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network's National Sexual Assault Hotline, the hotline is currently experiencing the highest demand for its service since it was founded 26 years ago. Most of the urgent cases recorded were reported by minors. 

Though the demand for the services of the organization has increased, the number of people reporting abuse has declined dramatically. This makes state agency officials and experts very concerned about the situation. As the decrease could mean lesser people to witness abuse, especially during times as these where kids have no choice but to be left with their abuser inside their own homes. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the efforts of the government to control the virus, a lot of kids nowadays are isolated from their friends and people whom they trust. As they were given no choice but to stay inside their house, abused kids also have no choice but to deal with his or her abuser, causing more stress to their mental state. 

Our world's situation with coronavirus can already be very stressful. But abused kids tend to suffer more during this time as they experience another reason to worry, fear, and become traumatized. Experts say this could probably be the reason why victims are starting to reach out to RAINN not just to seek for help but also for emotional support. 

Another thing that experts are worried about these days regarding the abuse that these kids are experiencing is the impact that it could have on their mental and physical health. According to Laura Palumbo, communications director at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, a child's brain can easily be affected by stress and toxicity. The more they are exposed to abuse and things like these, the more they tend to suffer for a longer time.

So how can we help these kids who are silently suffering from abuse this pandemic? According to USA Todayadults can help by reaching out to those whom they thought are experiencing such. Children who tend to be living in fear of abuse show signs such as being fearful, withdrawn, and reluctant. So if you know someone who displays such, never hesitate to talk to them, let them feel loved, and have the courage to seek help for them the soonest.