Several countries are already planning to welcome tourists a few months from now. One of those is Bali, a humble but serene place on the island of Indonesia. 

After several months of closing its doors to foreign nationals, the local government of Bali recently announced its plans to reopen its tourism by October, as reported by Outlook India. But this will happen only if the number of cases and deaths due to the coronavirus won't soar high, or else, the plan will be postponed.

The reopening of Bali's tourism will mark the revival for the region's economy after a steep downfall that happened due to the pandemic. So visiting the place is also a great way to help the locals improve financially during this time. 

Bali has a lot of beautiful places to offer to tourists especially those who want to cool off their minds and release the tension and stress brought by this pandemic. Some of those must-see places are these:


Known as the haven of the most adorable monkeys in the world, the Monkey Forest Bali may be one of the best places to visit in Bali but tour guides advise tourists to visit it with caution. Monkeys from this tourist spot can be very adorable but at times can become a bit aggressive once provoked. 

Given this reason, there are several dos and don'ts to remember as you visit this place. Never bring food on the tour with you. Never touch the monkeys no matter what. Do not look at the monkeys in the eyes. Just let them do whatever they want when you feed them. Never engage or come near when they fight. 


Hiking and trekking to Mount Batur promise a very unique and incredible experience. The hike would take a total of 5 hours to finish, but every sweat is worth it. Tour guides advise to better catch the sunrise for a breathtaking view. 


One of Bali's gems is its beaches. The stretch of its fine sand with the contrast of its clear water and blue skies are what makes the tourists keep coming back for more. Some of those beaches are the Jimbaran, Kuta, Canggu, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Benoa Beach, as shared by Honey Combers.

Meanwhile, the local government authorities still don't have any further announcement regarding the requirements the region will implement to tourists once the restrictions are lifted. There is, also, no information on whether or not they will allow people from countries who were badly hit by the coronavirus to enter their territory.